Today I had the pleasure to find this Marxist trash stuffed into my mailbox. I’m pleased for myself because I was able to burn it, but not pleased for others who have also received this kind of propaganda and no doubt are left with the impression that Marxism is a socially acceptable position. The Reds are misguided however, because they obviously see themselves as being on the back-end of the social totem pole. Judging from this flyer I burned, on the backside of it reads:

AUSTRALIA’S MEDIA LANDSCAPE PROTECTS THE POWERFUL and makes scapegoats out of the oppressed. It’s controlled by big business interests and those who want to protect the government. Radical voices are sidelined and excluded.

They’re totally delusional, that much is obvious. But they honestly think they are oppressed and not supported at all by media or any kind of major players in the political game when the truth is exactly the opposite. Their goal is to rally people to their cause, but what do you do when you’re not even allowed to rally? Such is the case for us National Socialists and Fascists. Our groups and individual persons cannot even show our faces to honestly represent any grievances which appear among Europeans in our countries, without fear of our entire lives being destroyed. In a system which those on the colloquial left would proclaim actually benefits people like us, or white people in general, it’s a pretty damning condemnation of that view. Certainly, despite what our enemies think, our societies are not inclined to radically colloquially “right wing” views. If you want to see true social ostracism and oppression, truly radical voices being “sidelined” well you need look no further than those of us who aren’t even granted the rights to complain that we’re sidelined. It is those of us who aren’t allowed on social media, to have Patreons or paypals, to operate political parties, to publish books which are continuously banned on every website imaginable, who have no avenue for dissent in the supposedly “free Democracies” we inhabit. The Reds don’t know privilege when they have it, or when they see it, which is another dose of irony because how they see themselves as the arbiters of privilege. Such restrictions as previously mentioned, would never be denied to groups such as “Socialist Alternative”. The point here isn’t to throw a pity party for ourselves and how we’re excluded, but to elucidate two points.

First of all, the Marxists are liars, their sympathy for the oppressed only stretches as far as they can import non-whites into the lands of Europeans, where they will write article after article, book after book, mocking the White Working Class whom they consider to be “unintelligent” and poor. This to them is a mark against their enemies because it paints a picture of them as inferior, not deriving from the “respectable and educated” parts of society they see themselves as representing. The irony being that they’re all proud of how bourgeois they are.

Secondly, these Reds aren’t “radicals” they’re wholly within the mainstream. To the extent that when it’s convenient for them they will decry what they consider to be “radicalism”, or the “radicalization of white youth” in order to drum up fears among the populace that will only push further for the destruction of self-determination for white people to even have a voice and defend our interests; but to actually criminalize our interests and voices. The irony is that what’s actually happening to us Europeans, is what the Reds claim is happening to them and their army of non-white invaders.

Another point against the Reds is that they’re imperialists, they thrive off of the colonization of European countries by non-white invaders. Whether these people are actually colonizers or invaders, Renaud Camus, who I otherwise reject as blatantly wrong on other topics, is right to say that the non-whites are not only colonizers, but are actually worse than colonizers because they have colonized us more than our European countries have ever colonized in the past. Reds are openly supportive of this and so is our governments. Camus makes is quite plain as well.

In his book “You Will Not Replace Us” he explains:

In the Phrase Colonial Empire (l’Empire colonial), the key word is Empire. The conquest was military, administrative, political, cultural and economic by nature, but not implemented through any major influx of alien population. I am not focusing on this particular point to make the whole imperialist undertaking look more benign than it was. That is not at all the issue here: benign or innocent it was not. However, this type of colonialism, developed in a political framework, is much easier to end by either party than settler colonialism. A military conquest can be reversed overnight – all that is required is for the conqueror’s armies to withdraw. If a colonizing power only keeps in its colony a few or many soldiers, some police force, civil servants, a handful of industrialists and shop-keepers, it can pack and leave the colony within a few weeks or days. The colonial period is then declared over, and over it is, even though remnants of colonial structures might persist for a while.

Population swamping or “demographic invasion” is a different matter entirely. It undermines the very identity of the nation or the people targeted by the swamping. The major threat associated with it is that it might very well be irreversible.

Renaud Camus, You Will Not Replace Us (Chez l’auteur, 2018), Pp. 44-45

The Reds are liars, they act in such a way as to not only absolve themselves of power in a system which openly favors them, but they manage to lie about it to the faces of the public in such a way that proves they’re powerful. They want to obscure the fact that an invasion is occurring by masking it behind the truth with calls to action against a variety of non-issues that do not significantly impact the lives of regular people. Like in this flyer, they screech against “climate change” and Covid-19 making the “rich even richer” yet would never display how it is the immigrants and refugees they adore so much and want to “set free” as they claim, who will make the masses of people in Australia and all over the European world poorer and poorer.

Camus makes another salient point:

Not only had the destruction started before the recent conquest, the present foreign occupation, the current colonization: it was along with the dogma of the nonexistence of races, the very condition for them to happen. No people that knows its own classics would accept numbly and without balking to be thrown into the dustbins of history (if not worse). Thus numbness had to be created, organized – not necessarily by people with their mind set on reaching such an objective, more likely by powerful mechanism generated by ideals, or by interests, or by a combination of both, the ones serving as a dummy for the other. The principal ideal involved is equality. The principle interest at work is normalization, standardization, similarity, sameness – needless to say, equality is the condition to those.

Ibid. 89-90

This is what Reds, like those in “Socialist Alternative” have to offer you, self hatred, ignorance of your past and combined with that, guilt for it. As if that could ever make sense. You’re forced, as an “alternative”, less than nothing. Their dogma is one in which normal people are reduced to that nothing by comparison to anyone else, otherwise they fear potential conflict arising from differences. That might sound weird, because these are the same crooks who adorn “diversity” with such lavish praise, but their ideal of ‘equality’ attests to the exact opposite.

Of course we’re not only going to be monetarily poorer, but culturally poorer. Without money to spend in a system that is made to only satisfy the consumer needs of a people who have been demoralized, Europeans who’ve had their identities crushed and their longing for purpose in an identity effectively made illegal; suddenly not having the money to consume in the first place because you’re being racially replaced by foreigners that the supposed “champions of the working class”, Socialist Alternative prefer more than you, sure does manage to make life pointless. What we’re shown, is that the Reds don’t care about you, the White working class. They’re more than happy to align with capitalists who will ensure you’re replaced for the sake of cheap products. The left pretend to dislike the capitalists, but when it comes time, they will use brands, banks, and supply services to lubricate the masses to consume anti-European propaganda. It shows that, more than anything, the Reds will not be the ones to make you money or provide the satisfaction of idealism and purpose you need, but instead will be the ones to take it from you and ensure you suffer in more ways than one.

So, to conclude.

Get your Red trash out of my mailbox and your non-white stooges out of my country.

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